Hill Hill Carter Nonprofit Community Spotlight Leadership Montgomery

This month Hill Hill Carter spotlights a community-changing organization known as Leadership Montgomery whose mission is simple: to develop and engage diverse leaders to effect positive community transformation. Leadership Montgomery was founded in 1984. The Founders of Leadership Montgomery, known as the Original Steering Committee, sought to bring together a diverse group of community leaders to embrace change, leverage diversity, and address critical community issues.

The Original Steering Committee brought forty individuals together for a year. The group would meet once a month during the duration of the program. It was designed to offer the participants a safe environment to learn about the various aspects of the community and to voice openly and freely their perspectives and concerns with one another in hope to work together for a better community. The initial outcome proved beneficial as many discovered that they were concerned about the same things: education, jobs, and quality of life. The greater outcome has been gathering at dinner parties, meeting family and children, making true friends, and working together to effectuate change in the community.

Since its inception, Leadership Montgomery has assembled and graduated over 1,200 community leaders which are now referred to as the Legacy Class. It has also developed a program for young professionals known as the Torchbearers Leadership Class.

Leadership Montgomery assembles motivated people with leadership skills who represent the ethnic, age, and gender diversity of our community. Leadership Montgomery then connects those individuals through team building and shared experiences in a unique learning environment. They develop their leadership potential through experiences, exposure to issues and introductions to community leaders and decision-makers, and effectuate positive change by interacting and working with an ever-growing group of Leadership alumni from the past, the present, and those to yet to come.

Leadership Montgomery purposefully informs and develops community leaders through an intensive ten-month leadership curriculum. Their leaders are provided an opportunity to network and to get to know each other on a personal level and are given an in-depth look at many of the most important issues facing our community.

The Leadership Montgomery Mantra: “connecting leaders to effect change.”

For more information, go to https://www.leadershipmontgomery.org/ or contact Leadership Montgomery at 334-262-2261 or by mail to P.O. Box 366 Montgomery, AL 36101.