Governmental Entities

The firm serves state agencies, city and county governments, law enforcement agencies and officers, housing authorities, and public utility management companies. Services include advising and negotiating regulatory, administrative, procedural, and legal issues with governmental agencies, as well as drafting of contracts, leases, and licenses for government facilities.

Our members regularly attend council meetings, board meetings, or other administrative hearings to assist in the decision-making process and help resolve existing disputes, as well as proactively prevent litigation. Our lawyers also keep abreast of the ever-changing law regarding governmental and pseudo-governmental entities – including unique issues involving employment liability and civil rights laws – to keep our clients informed of the frequently changing legal standards and responsibilities applicable to public and related entities.

Attorneys Practicing in this Area:

James E. Beck

Alicia F. Bennett

Michael M. Eley

Brad A. Everhardt

E. Dianne Gamble

David W. Henderson

Dana B. Hill

Randall Morgan

James R. Seale