Business Law

Commercial and Corporate Planning

The firm’s Commercial and Corporate Planning group advises and counsels clients with respect to a wide array of commercial and business transactions, including choice of entity; mergers and acquisitions; business formations and dissolution; buy-sell arrangements; equity holder agreements; debt transactions; redemptions and liquidations; non-profit organizations; tax free exchanges and reorganizations; and business succession and exit strategy planning. In addition, the group represents lenders and borrowers in traditional financial transactions as well as in transactions requiring innovative financing alternatives.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our merger and acquisition practice provides comprehensive services ranging from regulatory approval and financing to accurate valuations and detail-oriented due diligence. We can represent the interests of any party in these transactions, whether they be the buyer, seller, investors, or private equity firms. Our attorneys can effectively deal with issues regarding liabilities, IP, governance, tax implications, real estate, employees, and more for a diverse array of industries.

Attorneys Practicing in this Area:

Brad A. Everhardt

James E. Beck, III

Laura L. Crum