In 1924, on the corner of Washington and Perry streets in Montgomery a young law school graduate, Thomas B. Hill, Jr., began his own practice in a building with no air conditioning. In 1931 his brother, William Inge Hill joined the practice, setting the wheels in motion for what would become one of Montgomery’s most highly regarded legal institutions.

To this day, a desire to help people who have found themselves thrust into the overwhelming labyrinth of the legal system is still at the heart of what drives us. Each of the attorneys of Hill, Hill, Carter, Franco, Cole & Black are dedicated to serving the best interest of the client, whatever that course of action may be.

We offer a full range of legal services, falling into two divisions: business & tax practice, and litigation.

Today Hill, Hill, Carter has grown to more than 20 attorneys and a full support staff, concentrating on litigation defense and business law across a wide range of specializations. We strive to aggressively pursue our clients’ interests, at the same time being mindful that we are providing a service.

Our experienced attorneys are some of the most respected lawyers across a wide array of specializations, including Commercial & Business Litigation (primarily defense), Industry-Specific Practices (see the list of practice areas for an overview of specific industries), and Tax Law & Planning. However, with our policy of open communication among our staff, even if you come to us for help with a single issue, you tap into the resources of our entire staff.

At Hill, Hill, Carter, your legal issue isn’t just an academic exercise in the practice of law. Each of our clients is an individual with a problem. Our goal is to guide you through the best possible resolution of that problem, drawing on a strong history and tradition of success in the legal arena, and the experience that comes with it.